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Zeiss Lattice Lightsheet 7.png




  • Rapid and gentle state of the art live-cell imaging system ideal for experiments demanding high temporal resolution or imaging of sensitive processes.




  • Illumination lens: 10x 0.4 NA water immersion
  • Detection lens: 48x 1.0 NA


Laser module: 

  • 488nm 10 mW  
  • 561nm 10 mW  
  • 640nm 5 mW 


Dichroic: LP 565 or LP 640
Camera 1:
  • BP 570-620 + LP655
  • BP 495-550 / BP 570-620
  • BP 495-550 + LP655
  • LBF 405/488/561/642
  • BP 495-590
  • LP 570
  • 1%
Camera 2:
  • BP 570-610 IR+
  • BP 495-550 / BP 570-620
  • BP 500-550 IR+


  • 2x Hamamatsu ORCA-Fusion


  • Chamber with temperature control 
  • Compatible with dishes, chamber slides, multiwell plates with skirt < 0.5mm and glass thickness #1.5 (160μm-190μm)


  • Zen Blue


We request that publications that include data or analysis performed with the facility include the following acknowledgment- “We acknowledge the generous support of the Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research, IDRM and Carl Zeiss GMBH for the microscopy facilities used in this research”.