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Light Sheet

LaVision UltraMicroscope II

Lavision ultramicroscope ii

Low magnification light sheet microscope ideal for 3D imaging of large tissue samples and organs, most commonly cleared with ECi or CUBIC.









  • Uni and bi-directional light sheet illumination
  • Zoom body configuration
  • compatible with aqueous and organic clearing solutions
  • chamber size 72 mm x 74 mm x 35 mm
  • adjustable light sheet width and thickness


  • 2x objective with dipping cap giving 1.2 to 2.75x 12x magnification with the zoom body, 0.1 NA, >33 mm FOV
  • Fixed 12x objective, 0.53 NA, >3 mm FOV


  • 405 and 561 nm, 100 mW
  • 488 nm, 85 mW
  • 785 nm, 75 mW
  • 639 nm, 70 mW

Emission Filters

  • 460/40
  • 525/50
  • 620/60
  • 680/30
  • 845/55


  • 5.5 megapixel sCMOS, 6.5 micron x 6.5 micron pixel size


We request that publications that include data or analysis performed with the facility include the following acknowledgement- “ We acknowledge the generous support of the Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research for the microscopy facilities used in this research”.

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