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The Kennedy Institute's Genomics High Performance Compute Facility (KGen) provides outstanding infrastructure to support the application of high-throughput technologies to study the mechanisms of inflammatory and degenerative disease.



Recent breakthroughs in sequencing technology have driven a functional genomics revolution in experimental biology. Using genome-scale methods, researchers can now survey the entire landscape of cellular state and identity that cannot be resolved by population-level studies. This approach is particularly informative in studies on cellular development and differentiation, as well as for documenting the immune response in tissues at steady state and during disease.

Analysis and interpretation of the wealth of digital data generated by genomics experiments is a computationally intensive task. The Kennedy Institute's Genomics High Performance Compute Facility (KGen) provides infrastructure for up to 10-20 computational scientists and capacity for handling and storage of large datasets generated by high-throughput methodologies being applied at the Institute such as single RNA sequencing and metagenomics.

KGen is powered by the open-source Linux operating system and the SLURM workload manager. The facility is jointly managed by Dr Stephen Sansom and Dr Brian Marsden. Enquires should be directed to

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