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Please can you tell us about your career to date?

I completed my undergrad studies in psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University, following which I studied medicine at Imperial College London, graduating in 2015. From my undergraduate experience and exposure to research, I had long harboured the idea of an MD/PhD, so I decided I wanted to apply to the Kennedy, as it fit my requirements and expectations. After completing my DPhil in 2019, I joined Monitor Deloitte and am currently working in Switzerland as a management consultant, mainly in the life sciences sector. 

What was it that attracted you to the Kennedy Institute?

The quality of the work carried out at the Institute, coupled with the opportunity to work with my supervisor, Professor Tonia Vincent.

How did your time at the Kennedy Institute help shape your current career path?

Completing a DPhil is quite an intensive time – not only research-wise but also committing to a project for four years requires reflection and high levels of motivation. I am grateful for the opportunities the Kennedy Institute provided to me, such as support from my supervisor or career advice from graduates and similar resources. My time at the Kennedy provided me with other necessary skills outside of academia (time management, self-proficiency yet at the same time team work) that I use as a base in my working life today.

What is your advice to students considering a DPhil at the Kennedy Institute?

Don’t just choose a project that you like, but also make sure that you get to meet your supervisor beforehand, to see if you ‘click’. It is an excellent Institute, with excellent people. Make an effort to find out about the different projects and exciting opportunities that might come up as a result of this.