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Mass Cytometry couples the single cell high-speed analysis associated with flow cytometry with the ability of atomic mass spectrometry to resolve up to a theoretical limit 100 different metal probes with minimal signal overlap. CyTOF technology currently allows the simultaneous quantification of up to fifty cell surface and intracellular antigens at the single cell level.

In contrast to flow cytometry, antibodies are labelled with stable transition element isotopes to stain cellular epitopes. There are three key advantages over fluorescence-based single cell platforms: 1) avoidance of autofluorescence signals from troublesome cells and tissues; 2) fast panel design capabilities as all antibodies are introduced at once; 3) ease of barcoding to multiplex samples in large scale acquisitions.


Conjugation of new antibodies is easy and panels can be personalised fast. Samples can be stained remotely and transported to our Facility after staining. The ease of panel design and personalisation makes the validation of single cell transcriptomics at the protein level fast, reliable and affordable. No lengthy optimisations of panels one fluorochrome at the time!

Coupled with powerful high dimensional analysis software, mass cytometry allows the comprehensive phenotyping of heterogeneous cell populations combined with functional profiling of signalling and cytokine pathways active within individual single cells derived from human and murine blood and tissues. We offer assistance with analysis performance and training. Tissue imaging will be also available in the near future.