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Executive Leadership Team Director (Powrie)
Director of Research (Dustin)
Director of Clinical Research (Buckley)
Head of Operations (Truslow)
  • Develops overall Institute policy and strategy
  • Consults with SLT and Management Committee
  • Co-ordinates with NDORMS and MSD
  • Reviews sensitive HR issues
  • Meets weekly
Senior Leadership Team Director (Powrie)
Director of Research (Dustin)
Director of Clinical Research (Buckley)
Associate Director, Data Science (Udalova)
Associate Director, Tissue Biology (Vincent)
Director of Graduate Studies (Coles)
Head of Operations (Truslow)
Scientific Writer (Roberts)
  • Develops policies and strategy for development and management of technology platforms
  • Takes input from user groups and innovation PIs
  • Consults with Management Committee
  • Meets quarterly
Management Committee

Director (Powrie)
All Principal Investigators
Student and Postdoc reps
Head of Operations (Truslow)
NDORMS Chief Operating Officer (McDermott)
Scientific Writer (Roberts)
Facilities Manager (Brown)
Safety Officer (Carter-Biggs)
Head of IT Services (Yeomans)
Head of Communications (Silva)
EDI Advisor (Granell Moreno)
Grants Manager (Levecque)
Senior HR Manager (Jarvis)
Senior Finance and Purchasing Officer (Odubayo)

  • Resolves operational issues
  • Receives updates on operational and safety matters for dissemination to groups
  • Reviews and gives feedback on policy and strategy
  • Quarterly operational meetings, plus twice yearly strategy meetings