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As part of its relocation to Oxford the Kennedy Institute moved to a new £34 million purpose-built building located on the University Old Road Campus in 2013.

An image of the outside of the Kennedy Institute building

The Kennedy Institute building was designed by Make Architects in collaboration with Nightingale Associates and completed in 2013, creating a modern, functional environment that facilitates high-quality research. A key feature of the building is a large and beautiful atrium which provides a space for staff to meet to discuss their work, while promoting a strong sense of community and interaction.

The building was completed in 2013 with a total area of 7,300 square metres comprising four floors of laboratory and office space plus further floors dedicated to the plant and equipment necessary to support such an advanced research facility. In 2021 an additional floor designed by Fathom Architects was added to the roof to provide space to expand research capabilities, particularly in data science. The building can now house around 260 researchers and support staff.

Located on the Old Road Campus, the Kennedy Institute is at the heart of an internationally recognised site for biomedical research. This rapidly growing campus provides a vibrant and interactive research environment, bringing together basic and clinical researchers working in diverse areas including genomics, structural biology, vaccines, cancer biology and health informatics. It is home to more than 10 research centres, including the Big Data Institute, the Target Discovery Institute and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, and has close links to other University research centres and hospitals.