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Our goal is to best support the innovative and important research undertaken in the KIR, IDRM and beyond. We encourage all potential users, including short term projects, to seek training in basic principles and specific instrumentation such that researchers are confident in their microscopy.

Detail of fingers pointing something on the monitor on the lab

Instrument specific training for the Zeiss or Kennedy microscopes is essential for access and can be organised upon request to Chris Lagerholm.
To be added to the relevant calendars on the booking system please email the central facility address.

Carl Zeiss GMBH are dedicated to delivering excellence in microscopy by providing training and ongoing support for users within the Oxford-Zeiss Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Imaging. These adaptable training sessions can happen online or in person and help to maintain our high standard of scientific output. Please email to request to become a member of the Oxford-ZCoE Microsoft Team to post your questions.

Specialist instruments, such as those in the Technology and Development Suite, are managed by individual members of staff who can support pilot experiments as well as ongoing imaging. Contact details are summarised below.

Please contact Prof. Marco Fritzsche for enquires about the Centre as a whole, our vision or collaboration.

Equipment Contact
ZEISS and KIR Microscope Training imaging-facility@
Booking Calendars imaging-facility@
Pricing imaging-facility@
Analysis Computers imaging-facility@
Mailing list and Microsoft Team imaging-facility@
CellDIVE and Multiplex Imaging Dylan Windell
TIRF-SIM Helena Coker
Ultra Thin Super Extended Lightsheet (UTSE) Veronika Pfannenstill
Biophotonic optical platform (BioCOP) Lattice Lightsheet & SIM Narain Karedla