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The Cell Dynamics Platform provides access to advanced technologies to visualise and quantify the dynamics of cellular responses across scales – from single molecules in cells, to cellular activation in tissues and cellular networks in tissues across health and disease.   

The platform includes state-of-the-art Mass Cytometry, Flow Cytometry and Advanced Microscopy. The Advanced Microscopy Facility includes the Oxford-Zeiss Centre of Excellence featuring two inverted LSM980 Confocal Microscopes with AiryScan detectors, and two upright LSM880 microscopes for ex vivo and in vivo tissue imaging. Advanced imaging also offers custom systems for imaging at interfaces (TIRF-SIM) and large area light sheet microscopy. The Cell Dynamics Platform is integrated with the Data Science platform through the Single Cell and Spatial Genomics facility and the Tissue Biology Platform through the Zeiss Connect equipped Fluorescence Slide Scanner. 

  • Marco Fritzsche
    Marco Fritzsche

    Professor of Biophysical Immunology (Innovation Investigator Track)


  • University of Oxford Department of Oncology on Flow Cytometry (BD Aria III, completed) and Light Sheet Microscopy (Miltenyi Light Sheet Microscope, ongoing). 
  • Carl Zeiss, AG, with active discussions to push the limits of lattice light sheet and confocal microscopy technology.

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