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The KIR and IDRM have developed a unique and personal relationship with Carl Zeiss GMBH to form the Oxford-ZEISS Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Imaging (Oxford-ZCoE). This relationship allows users unrivalled access to state-of-the-art technologies and world-leading expertise. We have created an environment where our researchers and collaborators can truly tailor their microscopy experience and work directly with ZEISS R&D to realise their imaging needs.


The unique opportunities this relationship presents allows us open collaborations to encourage and facilitate pioneering microscopy. With this in mind, we advocate for an unconstrained and flexible approach within the Oxford-ZEISS Centre of Excellence. We are user and research focussed and striving to be as accessible and approachable as possible. This collaboration, which allows interfacing between clinical, basic research and R&D, exemplifies that microscopy can be a powerful tool for many researchers, irrespective of discipline. 
This flexible approach will allow us to be freely innovative and ever-evolving, to push the boundaries and application of existing and importantly new technologies.

Explore the instruments below and find details of the personnel and contacts on our Team page.