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other Facilities 

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FRS, FMedSci, DBE Fiona Powrie FRS - Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences and Director of the Kennedy Institute

Professor Fiona Powrie 

Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences and 

Director of the Kennedy Institute 


Jethro Johnson

OCMS Deputy Director


Dr Paula Colmenero

Scientific project manager


Claire Pearson - Senior Gnotobiology Scientist

Dr Claire Pearson

Laboratory manager/

Experimental Lead

Nicholas Ilott - Senior researcher and lead bioinformatician for the Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies

  Dr Nicholas Ilott

  Research scientist 

Dr Samuel Bullers

OCMS Experimental Lead

MSM, PhD Lilian Lam - EMBO Research Fellow

Dr Lilian Lam

EMBO research fellow

Dr Matthew Jackson

Postdoctoral researcher

Miss Rachel Feeney

Laboratory technician


 Mrs Elizete Araujo

Laboratory technician

 Sandi Yen

OCMS Bioinformatician


Mariya Misheva

Postdoctoral Researcher, Metabolomics





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