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NDORMS has been described as one big family. Our community is inclusive, diverse, and supportive and provides opportunities for all staff to grow personally and professionally. Stimulating and dynamic, our working environment gives everyone the opportunity to play a part in research that improves people’s quality of life.

We promote honesty, equality and fairness and we pride ourselves on our Athena Swan Silver Award status which we received in recognition of our commitment to advancing gender equality and creating a positive and inclusive workplace.

NDORMS is family friendly. We believe in a positive work–life balance where everyone appreciates and values a flexible workplace. We offer a variety of flexible working policies in line with the University, which includes family leave and the option for hybrid working. 

We pride ourselves on the vibrant mix of nationalities within our institutes which brings a lively range of perspectives and ideas. There are lots of opportunities to be involved in clubs, societies and events, and a range of wellbeing and social activities make NDORMS a great place to work.

Here’s what some of our staff said about working at NDORMS!  

“An amazing place to work and develop science.”

“I feel that I can make a real contribution to the research that we are doing.”

“It's a place where you can grow personally and professionally.”

“Being part of an international, multi-cultural community of brilliant scientists where everyone is respected and valued - it feels like a huge hand-picked family.”

“My manager was the best person I could have asked to work with - she is a wonderful role model and encompasses everything excellent supportive kind and encouraging.”

“Relationship with colleagues are amicable and productive. People tend to support one another when it comes to research and science. There is a wide variety of expertise at my affiliate institute, and people are happy to collaborate and share said expertise. More social and emotional support are fostered at the level of individual research groups and I am lucky to be part of a very positive work environment.”