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CGAT-core: a python framework for building scalable, reproducible computational biology workflows

Journal article

Cribbs AP. et al, (2019), F1000Research, 8, 377 - 377

Host-microbial crosstalk in the pathogenesis of inflammation and cancer in primary sclerosing cholangitis

Conference paper

Neyazi M. et al, (2019), JOURNAL OF CROHNS & COLITIS, 13, S20 - S21

The Short Chain Fatty Acid Butyrate Imprints an Antimicrobial Program in Macrophages.

Journal article

Schulthess J. et al, (2019), Immunity, 50, 432 - 445.e7

Alpha kinase 1 controls intestinal inflammation by suppressing the IL-12/Th1 axis.

Journal article

Ryzhakov G. et al, (2018), Nat Commun, 9

Foxp3+ T reg cells control psoriasiform inflammation by restraining an IFN-I-driven CD8+ T cell response.

Journal article

Stockenhuber K. et al, (2018), J Exp Med, 215, 1987 - 1998

A Large Polysaccharide Produced by Helicobacter hepaticus Induces an Anti-inflammatory Gene Signature in Macrophages.

Journal article

Danne C. et al, (2017), Cell Host Microbe, 22, 733 - 745.e5



Ryzhakov G. et al, (2016), CYTOKINE, 87, 98 - 99

Testing for the mediating role of endophenotypes using molecular genetic data in a twin study of ADHD traits.

Journal article

Pinto R. et al, (2016), Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet, 171, 982 - 992

Epithelial-derived IL-18 regulates Th17 cell differentiation and Foxp3⁺ Treg cell function in the intestine.

Journal article

Harrison OJ. et al, (2015), Mucosal Immunol, 8, 1226 - 1236

CGAT: computational genomics analysis toolkit.

Journal article

Sims D. et al, (2014), Bioinformatics, 30, 1290 - 1291

Sequencing depth and coverage: key considerations in genomic analyses.

Journal article

Sims D. et al, (2014), Nat Rev Genet, 15, 121 - 132

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