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The Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies (OCMS) seeks to accelerate research to unravel how microbes underpin health and disease.

The importance of mutually beneficial host-microbiota interactions is highlighted by recent studies linking imbalances in the microbiota to a diverse set of chronic diseases including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), cancer, obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, allergy, and neurological disorders. However, the precise mechanisms that causally link members of the microbiota to disease processes are still largely unknown.

To address this knowledge gap and improve accessibility of microbiome science to the community, the OCMS combines state-of-the-art facilities with expertise across diverse disciplines including computational biology, gnotobiotics, immunology and advanced microbial cultivation. 


Kevin Maloy


Crosstalk between the immune system and microbiota in host defense

Katja Simon 

Kennedy Institute

Microbiome and immune senescence

Helen McShane


Jenner Institute-the influence of the microbiota on vaccine strategies

Paresh Vyas 


Oxford Haematology Centre - the microbiome in hematological disease

Xin Lu


Ludwig Institute Microbiome in cancer

Mark Middleton 


Oxford Cancer Centre-the microbiome in cancer therapy, Oncology

Alison Simmons 


Intestinal epithelial cell microbiota interactions in IBD

Paul Klenerman 


Human Immune Discovery Initiative (HIDI)- The microbiome in infectious and inflammatory disease

Tonia Vincent


Role of the microbiome in sterile tissue injury in the joint and on cartilage regeneration and pain in osteoarthritis

John Todd


Role of the microbiome and metabolome in Type 1 diabetes

Simon Lovestone 


Analysis of the microbiome in neurodegeneration

Phil Burnet 


Influence of the microbiota on neurobiology and the brain
Kevin Foster


Ecology of the microbiome, community dynamics in response to environmental or infectious perturbations

Adrian Smith 


Comparative immunology, mucosal immunology, comparative biology of immune- microbiome crosstalk in vertebrates

Jamie Lorimer 

School of Geography and the Environment 

Influence of the environment and lifestyle on the microbiome and health

Two researchers working, one pointing at the the computer screen