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SEMINAR: Friday 29th october 2021, 1.30 pm

'Emerging topics in microbiome data science' by Dr Leo Lahti (University of Turku)

SEMINAR: MONDAy 08 NOVEmber 2021, 2PM

'The Influence of the Gut Microbiota on Host Physiology: In Pursuit of Mechanisms' by Prof Rheinallt Jones (Emory University)


The Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies (OCMS) will be hosting a Virtual Microbiome symposium this year. 

Watch this site for future updates. 


To keep up-to-date with relevant events and opportunities join the OCMS Mailing list by sending an email to

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OCMS Internal Pump Priming Fund 

The OCMS Internal Pump Priming Fund (IPPF) enables investigators to fund pilot projects in microbiome research.

The first round of funding took place in 2019 and supported 10 projects allocating up to £20,000 per award.

Although there are no open IPPF calls at the moment, future application rounds will be advertised here and throughout the usual University's communication channels.