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High-throughput sequencing has transformed the way in which we study the community of microorganisms that inhabit a diverse set of environments. The OCMS provides support for taxonomic and genomic characterisation of the microbiome using high-throughput sequencing. We work closely with the Oxford Genomics Centre to generate microbiome sequencing datasets.

Our expert team can provide expertise at any stage of a project from study design, sample collection and data analysis. Indeed, we believe that through our experience we can add significant value to microbiome profiling projects through contributions to grant applications and ongoing projects.  


As outlined below, we have expertise in standard microbiome profiling techniques using short-read technologies and are expanding into long-read sequencing techniques for strain-level resolution of bacterial communities. 

16S rRNA amplicon sequencingWe can provide expertise on optimal study design, sequencing and bioinformatics for assessing the composition of the bacterial component of the microbiome using 16S rRNA sequencing (V3-V4 sequencing using Illumina MiSeq technology).  

MetagenomicsIn contrast to 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing, Shotgun metagenomics can provide deeper insights into the non-bacterial and functional capacity of a microbiome. Again, our team would be happy to discuss potential upcoming metagenomic projects as well as providing input on existing and ongoing projects. 

Long-read sequencingThe OCMS are currently investing in the next generation of sequencing platforms. This includes developing in-house protocols for the analysis of microbial communities using long-read sequencing technologies including Pacbio HiFi and Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONTMinION. 

If you are writing a grant application or have an ongoing project that incorporates microbiome profiling and you would like to discuss what we can offer then please contact us!