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Of mice and men: converging on a common molecular understanding of osteoarthritis.

Vincent TL., (2020), Lancet Rheumatol, 2, e633 - e645

Peripheral pain mechanisms in osteoarthritis

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Mechanoflammation in osteoarthritis pathogenesis.

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Latest News

New drug offers hope for people with hand osteoarthritis

A new study, published in Science Translational Medicine by researchers at the University of Oxford has identified that Talarozole, a drug that is known to increase retinoic acid, was able to prevent osteoarthritis (OA) in disease models.

Labelling proteins through the diet gives new insights into how collagen-rich tissues change as we age

A new study, published in eLife, uses advanced tissue analysis technology to show how the incorporation of new proteins changes in bone and cartilage with age.

Exploring the link between joint injury and osteoarthritis

A new study published in The Lancet Rheumatology shows potential ways to predict how likely someone is to develop osteoarthritis after a knee injury.

Vaccine developed to treat osteoarthritic pain

Researchers have developed a vaccine that blocks the effects of the main cause of pain in osteoarthritis (OA) - nerve growth factor (NGF) - in mice.

Preventing osteoarthritis after injury: first international pre-guidelines

International expert working group develop first pre-guidelines for conducting robust studies aimed at prevention of osteoarthritis (OA) after acute knee injury.