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Marco Fritzsche has been honoured in the 2023 Recognition of Distinction Scheme, the University of Oxford’s annual exercise to confer the title of full professor for excellence in research and teaching.

Marco Fritzsche

Marco Fritzsche, Professor of Biophysical Immunology, was one of four NDORMS researchers awarded a title of full professor in the University's Recognition of Distinction Scheme.

Marco leads the Biophysical Immunology Laboratory (, a collaboration between the Rosalind Franklin Institute and the Kennedy Institute. The BPI Laboratory aims to unravel the impact of biophysics and mechanobiology on the human immune response in health and disease. This means trying to understand the biological processes taking place within single cells, tissues or whole organs as the body defends itself against bacteria, viruses or other harmful substances.

To do this requires observing live cells over time in vivo (i.e. within the live organism) and Marco is also the Scientific Director of the Oxford-ZEISS Centre of Excellence. The centre houses custom-built microscopy technology that enables researchers to push the boundaries of imaging and advance translational biomedical research.

Our new professors comment on receiving their new titles:

Marco Fritzsche: Professor of Biophysical Immunology

'I am grateful to receive the title of full Professor as this is a wonderful recognition of the hard work of our team. I am thankful for the support of the Kennedy leadership as well as colleagues and friends in Oxford and internationally. It has been a wonderful experience to freely pursue our research questions and technology development in such an encouraging environment.'

Jonathan Cook: Professor of Clinical Trials and Medical Statistics

'I'm conscious and grateful for the support of colleagues past and present without whom I would not have got to this point in my career. Additionally, I feel it's important to note that research like mine is indebted to the many participants of our studies. They have received treatments, undergone tests and completed many forms as part of these studies so that we can evaluate medicine and surgery, and improve treatment choices for patients. I'm also pleased to see recognition of the value of medical statistics, and its critical role in conducting clinical trials; these studies play a key part in evaluating new treatments as we seek to improve healthcare for everyone.'

Claire Edwards: Professor of Bone Oncology

'I'm honoured to have been awarded the title of Professor of Bone Oncology. I'm very grateful to everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout my academic career. This reflects the hard work and commitment of all the members of my research team, past and present, who work tirelessly to combat tumour growth within bone.'

Muhammad Kassim Javaid: Professor of Osteoporosis and Adult Rare Bone Diseases

'I want to thank my academic and clinical colleagues, teachers, friends, and family who supported my academic journey to achieve this prestigious recognition. It really has been a team effort from an early age. I am so grateful for their invaluable experience, expertise and, most importantly, patience that has nurtured my career.
I look forward to their continued guidance and paying forward to others in their journey. Cyrus, look what we have achieved!'