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The Kennedy Career Development Programme supports newly established group leaders to successfully build an independent research career through a structured programme of scientific review and mentorship, accompanied by generous funding.

The programme offers a clear, transparent path for career progression for new investigators launching their independent laboratories. It includes opportunities to receive internal and external feedback, covering research plans and progress, the wider research landscape, funding opportunities and steps for career advancement. 

Through the duration of the programme, investigators also discuss their work with the Institute’s international Scientific Advisory Board and are encouraged to take full advantage of mentorship opportunities at the Institute and elsewhere in Oxford.  

The programme is led by Director of Research, Professor Michael Dustin, with support from the Career Development Advisor, Professor Irina Udalova and Director of Clinical Research, Professor Christopher Buckley

The Career Development Programme is aimed at outstanding early-career scientists who join the programme through one of two routes:


These individuals join the Institute to pursue an independent research programme supported by Kennedy Trust Career Development Fellowships or fellowships from other external funders. Kennedy Trust Career Development Fellowships are advertised through an open international competition and offer generous funding for an initial five years, followed by a further two years funding pending successful scientific review at year four. Sponsorship for other external fellowships may include additional institutional support and also includes scientific review at years four and six. At year six, a decision is made on whether investigators will receive further support from the Institute for a largely self-sustaining research programme.


The Institute additionally recruits a number of investigators with a focus on technologies and innovation. These investigators will spend half their time leading their own independent research, and the other half enabling the application of state-of-the-art technologies in their field to address a wide range of research questions across the Institute. Innovation Investigators work closely with the Directors or Associate Directors of the Institute’s technology platforms, covering cell dynamics, microbiome, data science, clinical science and tissue biology to maintain the Kennedy Institute’s leading edge and to drive novel, collaborative research. 

Innovation Investigators receive funding from the Kennedy Trust for an initial five years, with the possibility of a further five year extension. 

Meet our Career Development Fellows

PhD Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic - Associate Professor of Immunology

Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic

PhD FRCP Alex Clarke - Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellow

Alex Clark

Marco Fritzsche - Professor of Biophysical Immunology (Innovation Investigator Track)

Marco Fritzsche

Audrey Gérard - Associate Professor

Audrey Gérard

Jethro Johnson - OCMS Deputy Director

Jethro Johnson

PhD Luke Jostins - Sir Henry Dale Fellow

Luke Jostins

MPhil, DPhil Stephen Sansom - Associate Professor

Stephen Sansom

PhD Angus Wann - KTRR/VersusArthritis  Research Fellow

Angus Wann





Daniele Biasci