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Informatics is increasingly a critical component of biomedical research with best-practices from industry becoming more pervasive in academic research.

It informatics

At the Kennedy Institute the Research Informatics team, in collaboration with the SGC Oxford Research Informatics group, provide solutions to data capture, management and visualisation problems.

Data management

The Institute has access to a laboratory information management system (LIMS) platform which includes an electronic lab notebook capability (ELN). This allows scientists to capture all aspects of their work from methods through to data and conclusion in a searchable system.

For well-defined workflows, our LIMS has the ability to capture information about each component of the workflow making it easy to track experiments and mine their results. Image data from the Institute's wide range of microscopy platforms is a significant volume of information generated by the Institute.

We are exploring ways to appropriately manage and annotate this information using platforms such as OMERO.


Genomic data in its many forms is now a core component of much of the science that is performed within the Institute. The Informatics & IT team are responsible for maintaining the Institute's high performance compute and storage platform and working with the Institute's scientists to provide appropriate analysis pipelines.

Resource & Information Management

Getting the most out of the Institute's broad range of capabilities is an important aspect of the team's work.

We provide advanced web-based booking facilities for key pieces of equipment which are capable of optimising their use and pre-calculating access charges before the bookings are made.

The flexibility to rapidly provide bespoke solutions Institute needs is a key strength of the team. For example, we have written bespoke applications to assist the facilities team and lab manager in their work. We also maintain the Institute's internal Wiki which is a key nexus of Institute information.

IT infrastructure & front line support

Underpinning everything we do at the Institute is the use of IT. We provide responsive front-line IT desktop support for all members of the Institute in collaboration with MSD-IT Services.

Filestore capabilities are also available along with long-term archive of data to tape. Our virtual machine platform allows us to provision new servers for applications on demand allowing us to support out scientists within short time-frames. Our mantra is that IT should 'just work' and enable science rather than hinder it.

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