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Chik On Choy

BSc, MSc, MBA, MPhil (Cantab), C(ASCP)

OCMS Project Manager

I am the OCMS Project Manager of The Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies (OCMS), within the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology (KIR). OCMS combines interdisciplinary expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to support microbiome research within the KIR and across the University of Oxford. I assist with running the Centre and contribute to raising the profile of microbiome research within the University. My job responsibilities include providing managerial support for day-to-day Centre operations, helping to coordinate junior members of staff, tracking progress on ongoing research projects, and interacting with academic and industry research partners.

My role also supports the OCMS’s leading role within the Microbiome Cluster that forms part of the MRC National Mouse Genetics Network. This cluster is a multi-institute collaboration effort addressing the role of the microbiome in genetic diseases affecting mucosal barrier surfaces, such as cystic fibrosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

I was initially trained (BSc) as a medical technologist in Taiwan. I continued with my MSc degree in clinical chemistry & MBA degree in Health Care Systems Management in the US. I have had almost ten years of progressive clinical experience as a medical technologist. Also, I have more than ten years of extensive biomedical research experience as a research assistant on areas of molecular and genomic medicine. In the National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) of Taiwan, I have participated in translational research of microbial infections, hereditary diseases, and cancers using molecular and genomic research tools. I also received an MPhil degree training in Translational Medicine & Therapeutics in Cambridge under Professor Kevin O’Shaughnessy (Clinical Pharmacology) guidance. Lastly, I was the R & D Project Manager of a biotech startup company for 10 years, focusing on genome sequencing & microarray applications for personalized medicine and health management.

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