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Alice Robinson


Research Assistant in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Enthusiastic research assistant, with a keen interest in cellular and molecular biology, holds aspirations of a PhD within the next 3 years

Starting in February 2017, I am thoroughly enjoying my position as a Research Assistant within the Monaco Research Group, at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology.

While my personal background favours cellular and molecular biology, the group is subdivided into a number of different specialities, each interlinking though investigations into the inflammatory basis of Atherosclerosis. Because of this, colleagues are not only able to provide support and a variety of different insights and approaches, which is fantastic for problem-solving and generating successful unconventional strategies, but also results in a very dynamic and exciting working environment.

My work, more specifically, focuses on Toll-like Receptor biology in the context of Atherosclerosis, with a large focus on their expression, their endocytosis and crosstalk between receptors, in addition to associated molecular candidates.


Complementary to my research interests, the majority of my work is performed at a cellular and molecular level and includes techniques such as activity assays, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation, microscopy, tissue culture and western blotting. In the near future, I will be involved in the development, creation and subsequent application of novel plasmid vectors using standard molecular cloning techniques to aid our research into Toll-like receptor biology further and I will apply cytometric techniques to investigate specifically how manipulating the cellular environment alters the expression of the Toll-like receptors, in an attempt to identify key molecular players in Toll-like receptor biology.

The foundations for my work at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology is supported and complemented by skills I learnt during my Integrated Masters (2015/16) at The University of Southampton, where I was optimising and applying an innovative technique, known as BioID, to investigate novel interactions for two poorly characterised Autophagic proteins, named TOLLIP and Endofin. However, since starting my role as a Research Assistant, I have both developed and broadened these skills greatly, and with the support of my colleagues am acquiring a phenomenal level of cellular and molecular biological expertise.

Moreover, as there are many opportunities to integrate and network within the institute, which houses a broad spectrum of research groups, each sharing a common interest in immunological-related specialities, this not only provides further support for my own work, but also offers insight into a much broader spectrum of cutting edge immunological works ongoing at The University of Oxford.

Although I am very enthusiastic and passionate for laboratory work, I am also involved in community-based events, such as designing and running a stall for the 2017 Oxford Science Festival, hosting NDORMS work experience students and volunteering for Oxford's Natural History Museum DNA Workshops, to help engage the community with how amazing science truly is and enthuse the next generation of scientists!

Away from the lab I am passionate about animal welfare, I attend weekly classes where I am working towards my Level 1 British Sign Language qualification and have a keen interest in both general and science-related current affairs. Moreover, I enjoy experimental cooking and am proud a member of the National Trust.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and please do not hesitate to get in contact with any enquiries! My details can be found to the right of the page, including a link to my LinkdIn page for a more detailed overview of my academic experiences and achievements to date.


British Pharmacological Society Vacation Studentship, 2013

British Pharmacological Society and The Physiological Society In Vivo Training Grant, 2014

Home Office Animal Handling Licence (modules 1-4), valid until 2019