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Fund to support research combining mathematics, physics and biology in memory of graduate student Christopher Peel.

Christopher Peel was a passionate and dedicated DPhil student at the Kennedy Institute, who passed away this August 2018, far too early.

Christopher was a loved and respected member of the Dustin Lab, moving to Oxford from New York with Professor Mike Dustin to advance our knowledge of the physics of immunological synapse formation. He brought with him a creative approach to research and an unfaltering commitment to his work, beautifully and seamlessly bridging the gaps between different scientific disciplines to deliver excellent solutions to key immunological questions.

His family and colleagues wish to honour his memory and passion for research by establishing the Christopher Peel Fund for Interdisciplinary Research, to support researchers wishing to do similar research to his.

Help us make Christopher's impact at Oxford a long lasting one, well beyond his time with us.

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Images taken from Chris's recent research




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The Immune Synapse

Edited by Professors Michael Dustin and Cosima T. Baldari, this new book includes useful cutting-edge methods and protocols for people in the field.