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Regulation of pulmonary plasma cell responses during secondary infection with influenza virus

Journal article

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It takes a village to skew a lymph node.

Journal article

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Marginal zone SIGN-R1+ macrophages are essential for the maturation of germinal center B cells in the spleen.

Journal article

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Specialized Subsets of Tissue-Resident Macrophages in Secondary Lymphoid Organs


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Journal article

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Visualization of splenic marginal zone B-cell shuttling and follicular B-cell egress.

Journal article

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GRK2-dependent S1PR1 desensitization is required for lymphocytes to overcome their attraction to blood.

Journal article

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Cannabinoid receptor 2 positions and retains marginal zone B cells within the splenic marginal zone.

Journal article

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The crystal structure of CHIR-AB1: a primordial avian classical Fc receptor.

Journal article

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Tumor and viral recognition by natural killer cells receptors.

Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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