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Tenascin-C is a driver of inflammation in the DSS model of colitis

Journal article

MIDWOOD KIM., (2022), Matrix Biology Plus

FAS2FURIOUS: Moderate-throughput secreted expression of difficult recombinant proteins in Drosophila S2 cells

Journal article

MIDWOOD KIM. et al, (2022), Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, section Synthetic Biology

Tenascin-C in fibrosis in multiple organs: translational implications

Journal article

MIDWOOD KIM. et al, (2022), Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology

Tenascins: key players in tissue homeostasis and defence

Journal article

Midwood K., (2022), Frontiers in Immunology

Editorial: Tenascins - Key Players in Tissue Homeostasis and Defense

Journal article

MIDWOOD KIM., (2022), Frontiers in Immunology

Location, location, location: how the tissue microenvironment affects inflammation in RA.

Journal article

Buckley CD. et al, (2021), Nat Rev Rheumatol, 17, 195 - 212

Macrophages and extracellular matrix in breast cancer: partners in crime or protective allies?

Journal article

MIDWOOD KIM. and DELIGNE C., (2021), Frontiers in Oncology

T and B Cell Responses to Common Tenascin-C Peptides in RA

Conference paper

Song J. et al, (2020), ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATOLOGY, 72

Matrix-Targeting Immunotherapy Controls Tumor Growth and Spread by Switching Macrophage Phenotype.

Journal article

Deligne C. et al, (2020), Cancer Immunol Res, 8, 368 - 382

Identification of TNFR2 and IL-33 as therapeutic targets in localized fibrosis.

Journal article

Izadi D. et al, (2019), Sci Adv, 5

Tenascin-C increases lung metastasis by impacting blood vessel invasions.

Journal article

Sun Z. et al, (2019), Matrix Biol, 83, 26 - 47

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