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CD200 Limits Monopoiesis and Monocyte Recruitment in Atherosclerosis.

Journal article

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Does a myocardial infarction boost your (B cell) memory?

Journal article

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The Potential for Repurposing Anti-TNF as a Therapy for the Treatment of COVID-19.

Journal article

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Meta-Analysis of Leukocyte Diversity in Atherosclerotic Mouse Aortas.

Journal article

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The aorta can act as a site of naïve CD4+ T-cell priming.

Journal article

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Structure-preserving visualisation of high dimensional single-cell datasets.

Journal article

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Toll-like Receptor 3 Is a Therapeutic Target for Pulmonary Hypertension.

Journal article

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Conference paper

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The Role of Metabolite-Sensing G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Inflammation and Metabolic Disease.

Journal article

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Functional diversity of macrophages in vascular biology and disease.

Journal article

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Receptor structure-based discovery of non-metabolite agonists for the succinate receptor GPR91.

Journal article

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