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We report here a simple synthetic route to Au-Fe(x)O(y) heterostructures in which spinel ferrite (Fe(x)O(y)) grows as a nanorod on a spherical gold (Au) seed. The large red shift in the plasmon resonance in the heterostructures could be explained by a dielectric effect (although we could not entirely exclude a contribution due to electron transfer from Au to defect states at the Au-Fe(x)O(y) interface), while the magnetic properties of the Au-Fe(x)O(y) heterostructures were basically the same as those of the corresponding nanocrystals after Au leaching. In films of Au-Fe(x)O(y) heterostructures the electrical conductivity appeared to be mediated by the Au domains.

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Journal article



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4647 - 4654


Colloids, Electric Conductivity, Ferric Compounds, Gold, Materials Testing, Nanostructures, Particle Size, Refractometry