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The activity of membrane-type 1 matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) is a double-edged sword--it is crucial for both physiological processes and disease progression. MT1-MMP modifies various cellular functions and it is, sthus, regulated precisely as a proteinase and as a membrane protein. Recent studies have further revealed that the function of MT1-MMP is modified and regulated by O-glycosylation, interaction with CD44, internalization and recycling. Such multidimensional mechanisms enable MT1-MMP to be regulated spatially and temporally, and are essential for its proper functioning on the cell surface.

Original publication




Journal article


Trends Biochem Sci

Publication Date





285 - 289


Cell Membrane, Glycosylation, Humans, Hyaluronan Receptors, Matrix Metalloproteinases, Membrane-Associated, Membrane Proteins, Metalloendopeptidases