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ObjectivesThis study aims to assess the feasibility to perform transoral robotic surgery (TORS) with a new robotic platform, the Versius Surgical System (CMR Surgical, UK) in a preclinical cadaveric setting in accordance to stage 0 of the IDEAL-D framework.DesignIDEAL stage 0 preclinical assessment of the Versius Robotic System in TORS in human cadavers.SettingAll procedures were performed in a simulated operating theatre environment at a UK surgical training centre.Participants11 consultant head and neck surgeons from the UK, mainland Europe and the USA took part in TORS procedures on six human cadavers.Interventions3 key index procedures were assessed that represent the core surgical workload of TORS: lateral oropharyngectomy, tongue base resection and partial supraglottic laryngectomy.Main outcome measuresThe primary outcome was the successful completion of each surgical procedure. Secondary outcomes included the optimisation of system setup, instrumentation and surgeon-reported outcomes for feasibility of each component procedural step.Results33 cadaveric procedures were performed and 32 were successfully completed. One supraglottic laryngectomy was not fully completed due to issues dividing the epiglottic cartilage with available instrumentation. Surgeon-reported outcomes met the minimal level of feasibility in all procedures and a consensus that it is feasible to perform TORS with Versius was reached. Available instrumentation was not representative of other robotic platforms used in TORS and further instrument optimisation is recommended before wider dissemination.ConclusionsIt is feasible to perform TORS with the Versius Surgical System (CMR Surgical) within a pre-clinical cadaveric setting. Clinical evaluation is needed and appropriate with the system. Further instrument development and optimisation is desirable.

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BMJ Surgery, Interventions, & Health Technologies



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e000181 - e000181