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BackgroundPsoriasis exhibits several extracutaneous manifestations. Little is known about hepatic parameters specifically associated with psoriasis.ObjectivesTo study whether psoriasiform dermatitis is associated with liver injury.MethodsWe studied liver parameters of inflammation and fibrosis in a murine model of psoriasiform dermatitis induced by topical application of imiquimod for 9 weeks.ResultsTopical treatment with imiquimod induced a form of psoriasiform dermatitis reminiscent of the human disorder, characterized by thickened and scaly skin, psoriasiform epidermal hyperplasia, altered keratinocyte differentiation and cutaneous overexpression of interleukin-17A. Mice with dermatitis displayed hepatitis, as shown by elevation of plasma transaminase levels, as well as portal and periportal hepatitis, characterized by T-lymphocyte (CD3ε+ ) and polymorphonuclear cell (Gr1+ ) infiltrates. The hepatitis progressed towards liver fibrogenesis, as shown by excessive Sirius red staining, which is consistent with the expression of α-smooth muscle actin by hepatic stellate cells.ConclusionsThese results indicate that liver inflammation and fibrosis are associated with experimental psoriasiform dermatitis. Our results suggest that psoriatic inflammation may be associated with specific liver injury.

Original publication




Journal article


The British journal of dermatology

Publication Date





101 - 109


Nord Deux-Sèvres Hospital, Thouars, France.


Animals, Mice, Inbred C57BL, Liver Cirrhosis, Drug Eruptions, Psoriasis, Disease Models, Animal, Interferon Inducers, Male, Chemical and Drug Induced Liver Injury, Imiquimod