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OBJECTIVE: Inadequate communication about endometriosis symptom burden between women and healthcare providers is a barrier for optimal treatment. This study describes the development of the EndoWheel, a patient-reported assessment tool that visualizes the multi-dimensional burden of endometriosis to facilitate patient-provider communication. METHODS: Assessment questions for the tool were developed using an iterative Delphi consensus process. A consensus phase included additional practitioners and specialists to broaden perspectives and select revised statements. Semi-structured qualitative interviews were conducted with 13 women with endometriosis to assess the scoring and content of the measures. RESULTS: Symptoms included in the tool were pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, bowel/bladder symptoms, energy levels, fertility, impact on activities, emotional and sexual well-being, and self-perceived global health. Additional life impact areas included relationships, social and occupational activity, and self-perception. The 13 interviewees completed the tool in approximately 5-6 minutes (range 4.0-7.5 minutes). Most participants (92%) perceived that the tool would enable better patient-provider communication, including addressing symptoms and areas of impact not normally discussed during office visits. CONCLUSION: Similar to visual circular tools used in burden assessment of other chronic diseases, the tool may facilitate improved patient dialogue with providers around endometriosis treatment goals and options.

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Curr Med Res Opin

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endometriosis, infertility, laparoscopy, pelvic pain, surgery