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Olympus TIRF Microscope

Olympus TIRF Microscope


  • Olympus TIRF IX83 Microscope based on IX83 motorized inverted microscope
  • Compensation focusing system
  • CellVivo incubator system for live-cell imaging and temperature control
  • 4 diode lasers
  • Freely selectable ROI for imaging, bleaching and photoactivation
  • Imaging speed of up to 4-10 ms per frame (512 x 512 pixels)
  • Camera splitter for simultaneous imaging in two channels
  • DIC optics
  • Individual control over depth penetration of evanescent laser illumination 


  • UAPON 20x /NA 0.70
  • UCPLFLN 20x/NA 0.70
  • UAPON 150x/NA 1.45 Oil 


  • Lamps for bright field, DIC and epifluorescent imaging
  • Violet Diode Laser 405 nm
  • Blue Diode Laser 488 nm
  • Green Diode Laser 561 nm
  • Red Diode Laser 640 nm


  • Evolve EMCCD 512x512 camera supplemented with Cairn camera splitter (IX3 RSD) for simultaneous imaging in two channels
  • Hamamatsu Flash 2.8 camera 


  • Dark incubator chamber with temperature, CO2 control and lighting from CellVivo 


  • Olympus cellSens Dimension  


The TIRF microscope was purchased with Wellcome Trust grant 100262/Z/12/Z.  Please acknowledge this in publications using this microscope.

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