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The LSR II is a digital three-laser multi-colour analysis system (Blue 488 nmRed 633 nm and Violet 405 nm) with the capacity of detecting up to 14 colours in addition to FSC and SSC.  

Detailed information


LSR II Configuration
Blue 488 nm FITC, Alexa 488 530/30 505 LP
  PE 575/25 550LP
  PerCP, PerCP-CY5.5 695/40 685LP
  PE-Cy5, PE-Cy5.5 660/20 655LP
  PE-Texas Red 610/20 600LP
  PE-Cy7 780/60 755LP
Red 633 nm APC, Alexa 647 660/20  
  APC-Cy7, APC-H7 780/60 755LP
  APC-Alexa 700 730/45 710LP
  APC-680 635/35 675LP
Violet 405 nm Pacific Blue, BV421 450/50  
  AmCyan, BV510 525/50 505LP
  BV605 610/20 595LP
  BV650 670/30 630LP
  BV711 710/50 690LP
  BV785 780/50 750LP
  • Please note – PE-Cy5, PE-Cy5.5, perCP and PerCP-Cy5.5 cannot be used together.
  • PE-Cy5 and APC may be used together for molecules that are not mutually expressed by cells.
  • Alexa -700 and Alexa- 680 cannot be used together. 

LSR II has the capability for adjusting the flow rate for various applications.  The three preset flow rates are: LO = 12 µl/min, MED = 35 μl/min, HI = 60 μl/min.

LSR II is equipped with FACSFLOW supply system fluidics cart that incorporate a 20 L FACSFLOW cubitainer and a 10 L waste collection container.  The Fluidics sensors monitor the level of sheath fluid or waste and warn when sheath fluid is low or empty, or when the waste container is full.

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