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We recently welcomed our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and the Kennedy Trust Scientific Review Board (TSRB) to the Institute to review our current activities and future plans.

SAB poster demonstrations
Members of the SAB and TSRB review research posters

Meeting for the first time in person since the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Dame Fiona Powrie, Director of the Kennedy Institute said: “We are very excited to see the members of the SAB and TSRB at the Kennedy after such a long break. We are delighted to have the opportunity to present our world class research and cutting edge technology platforms as well as showcase our training programmes for  students and post doctoral fellows alongside a new governance structure that will enable us to be nimble and responsive to the needs of our research groups. We are particularly proud to host the Board’s in  our new roof extension which forms part of our strategy to strengthen data science approaches alongside our lab-based research.”

The SAB is  an independent external advisory board comprised of eminent scientists from across the globe in research fields relevant to the work of the Kennedy. Over two days the board reviewed  the Institute’s science platforms, its career development policies and DPhil teaching programme giving strong endorsement of the work of the Institute and its research culture.

The Trust Scientific Review Board (TSRB) convened by the Kennedy Trust is an independent panel to review the activities the fund as required by their charitable status. Commenting on the visit, Kennedy Trust’s CEO, Dr Stephen Simpson said: “This review by independent world-class scientists who gave their valuable time, is itself a testament to the international standing of the Kennedy Institute. The presentations and discussions over the two days were engaging and detailed and will form an important part of the forthcoming TSRB report, which is central to the thorough periodic review the Trust undertakes of its investment.”