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The whole of the Kennedy Institute decamped to St Catherine’s college in Oxford on 23/24 May to share and celebrate the Institute’s science, and to strengthen ties across individual research groups. It was great to have everyone back together face to face and the event was buzzing with excitement.

All staff photo taken at the Kennedy Retreat

“What’s special about the Kennedy is the community here,” said Fiona Powrie in her opening remarks as she commended everyone’s incredible efforts throughout the pandemic. “You’ve cared for loved ones, you’ve supported each other, all the while producing amazing science that has an impact on the world’s biggest health issues.”

PIs, researchers, students, admin staff and the Directors were all in the audience and not only was it a chance to hear from each of PIs and postdocs on their latest discoveries, but the poster sessions were also bustling with lab members explaining their projects.

There were presentations on the new technology platforms at the Institute which will help to advance scientific breakthroughs, and a vision for clinical research that will enable clinical academia to be combined with discovery science to produce amazing outcomes for patients.

The breaks were filled with the sort of rich conversations that breed collaborations and enrich research cultures. It was also a chance to grab a snack and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the college!

Summing up Prof Mike Dustin said: “The last couple days have been incredibly exciting, and the work we’ve heard about shows the incredible research pipeline going from discovery to translation to having the ability to do these clinical trials.”

See some of the action on social media @KIROxford