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The lunch with sandwiches, tea and strawberries was attended by staff and students and provided an opportunity to give some well-earned Long Service Awards.

A person holds up a certificate that they have received for long service to the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology. They are surrounded by people in a cafeteria area applauding. There are scientific posters on the walls.

Research at the Kennedy is enabled by our administrative, facilities, and technical staff who keep the Institute running safely and smoothly. Dedicated professional teams are responsible for maintaining secure IT systems, facilitating hiring processes, and ensuring that goods are ordered and delivered along with countless other functions.

The strengths of our support staff really shone during the COVID restrictions at the height of the pandemic. When the world was turned upside-down and the path towards restarting research was unclear, they demonstrated incredible flexibility in keeping the Institute safe and operational.

On Thursday 6th July, academic and professional staff, along with students, celebrated the great work of our support staff over sandwiches, tea and strawberries. It was a great opportunity to hear testimonials from Institute Director Professor Dame Fiona Powrie, Head of Operations Jonathan Truslow, and Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology Tonia Vincent. Two members of staff, each with over 10 years of experience at the Kennedy and who had moved with the Institute from its previous base in London, were given Long Service Awards by Tonia Vincent.

Professor Dame Fiona Powrie said of the event: “This was a really good opportunity to recognise the hard work of the people who often experience less of a spotlight than our academic staff. Thankyou to everyone who celebrated with us and made this a really special afternoon.”