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Our Arthritis Research UK Centre of Excellence aims to develop new treatments for arthritis, improving healthcare and transforming people's lives.

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 immunological synapse.

Effects of dopamine in immunological synapse formation.

The neurotransmitter dopamine has been shown to play a key role in the formation of immune responses in a major study published this week in Nature. Research in the Dustin lab has demonstrated for the first time how human immune cells use neurotransmitters, including dopamine, in specialised patches on the cell surface to amplify the immune response. This work can now be used as a basis for the development of new therapies to treat immune diseases. Read full paper.

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Macrophages contribute to host defence through the uptake – or so called phagocytosis – of pathogens and other harmful foreign particles. In the JCB, the Davis and Dustin labs use super resolution microscopy to show how activating and inhibitory receptors are reorganised at a nanometer scale to integrate positive and negative signals for proper regulation of the macrophage phagocytic response.  Read full paper.