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Montage of staff and students

NDORMS embraces, values and supports its staff and students at all levels. 

Athena Swan Charter

The Department has successfully been awarded three Athena SWAN awards since 2012. Our awards over the years recognise our efforts to promote a diverse and inclusive culture for all our staff and students.

Anti-bullying and harassment

All members of the University community are required to comply with the University’s Harassment policy. NDORMS fosters a zero-tolerance policy and is committed to a community where everyone treats others with dignity and respect. We provide a range of resources to create a healthy, inclusive and supportive workplace.

We have five Harassment Advisors who are trained to listen and confidentially support those who feel they are being bullied or harassed. We also run a responsible Bystander course to prepare staff who encounter or witness bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Metal health first aiders

Mental health issues or emotional distress are becoming increasingly common. At NDORMS our Mental Health First Aiders have completed a two-day mental health first-aid training course, accredited by Mental Health England. Taught to recognise the signs and symptoms of a range of mental health conditions they provide support and reassurance to anyone experiencing a mental health issue or crisis.


Conflict is a normal part of life, both in and out of work. Conflict itself is not good or bad – it is how it is managed that is important. The Mediation Service at NDORMS helps staff and students in the Department who find themselves in conflict with another member of staff or student to build a better workplace relationship.