Booking & Pricing


To book your case in please use Bookit (see wiki or speak to Vinod Kumar if you are not registered). This will ensure that we have the correct grant code to use for charging and enables the user to log in and check the progress of their case.

Please use the description box to let us know how the samples are labelled (no longer than 5 digit sample code please) and whether you have any other requests (such as 3 sections per slide). A brief description of the experiment can also be useful when you are searching for cases in the future.

If you need any formalin pots we can provide these.

Then bring us the samples and we can do the rest!


We have a very simple pricing structure which includes everything except immunohistochemistry reagents. 

£5 per block (inclusive of formalin, decalcification (if required), processing to wax/snap freezing, embedding) 

£1.50 per slide (inclusive of sectioning, slide, coverslip and any common histological stain) 

External users - these prices are for members of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology only. The rate for external users is currently £12 per block and £5 per slide.