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Tom Hosack


DPhil Student

Academic gastroenterologist interested in inflammatory bowel disease

I am a specialty registrar in gastroenterology in the Oxford deanery. I read medicine at University of Bristol, and completed an MSc in gastroenterology with distinction at Queen Mary University of London. To pursue my interest in clinical trials, I joined the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology in 2022 as a clinical research fellow and sub-investigator for the PARIS trial under the supervision of Professor Simon Travis.

I was awarded the Kennedy Institute Prize Studentship as well as the MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship to pursue a DPhil in Molecular & Cellular Medicine.

I am studying early tissue responses to PD-1 therapy in both ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. This will enable cross-tissue comparisons in the role of PD-1 in inflammation as well as help understand tissue-specific changes that may predispose oncology patients to immunotherapy-related adverse events.

My project is supervised by Professor Christopher Buckley and Professor Simon Travis at the NDORMS, as well as Dr Matthias Friedrich and Dr Pablo Cespedes at the NDM.

Key Awards

MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Kennedy Trust Prize Studentship

Recent publications

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