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Maryam Nina Hardy


DPhil student

  • DPhil Molecular and Cellular Medicine
  • AfOx Trust Prize Scholar (2023)
  • Clarendon Scholar (2023)
  • Black Academic Future Scholar (2023)
  • MSc Biotechnology, Chevening Alumni (2021)

Originating from Ghana, she is driven by her passion for understanding immune responses during viral infections, with a focus on host-viral interactions. Her current research at Oxford is centred on analysing the immunoglobulin repertoire in Hepatitis B infection. She aspires to employ antibodies in identifying drug targets for Hepatitis B.

Her previous research primarily focused on viral diseases in Ghana and Uganda, including Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), Parvoviruses, COVID-19, and Rotaviruses. Nina's notable achievements include developing a diagnostic tool for a novel parvovirus and Sepsis detection and collaborating with a Scottish biotech firm on an HPV diagnostic tool. She has also explored the use of synthetic oligonucleotide-encoded libraries to study human serum antibody profiles through phage immunoprecipitation sequencing at the Centre for Virus Research (CVR), Glasgow.

She aims to become a professor and contribute to Africa's research and public health solutions for viral infectious diseases.