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Malvika Gulati


Clinical Research Fellow Versus Arthritis

  • Investigator in the HOPE-c study, exploring pain in hand osteoarthritis
  • DPhil Student
  • Rheumatology and GIM Registrar
  • @mgulati_404

Malvika is a Rheumatology Registrar with an academic interest in hand osteoarthritis. 

She is based at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, NDORMS at the University of Oxford, currently working towards a DPhil investigating the role of menopause and sex hormones in hand osteoarthritis and an investigator in the HOPE-c study ( She is funded by Versus Arthritis and an Oxford Clarendon Scholarship (Oxford University Press).

She completed her undergraduate medical training at Imperial College London, graduating in 2010 with Distinction in Medical Sciences, Clinical Science and Clinical Practice. She received first class honours for an intercalated BSc in Cardiovascular Sciences. 

Her postgraduate clinical training is based in London, commencing Specialist Training in Rheumatology and General Internal Medicine in 2014. 

She received the Barbara Ansell Prize in Rheumatology at the Royal Society of Medicine in 2017. 

Malvika was awarded a Clinical Research Fellowship by Versus Arthritis, commencing her studies in 2018.