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Erinke van Grinsven

Postdoctoral Researcher in Innate Immunity and Inflammation

After finishing my PhD at the University Medical Centre Utrecht in the Netherlands, I joined the Kennedy Institute in January 2019 as a postdoctoral researcher. In my PhD projects, I focused on functional and phenotypical heterogeneity of human and murine neutrophils, both in acute inflammation and in homeostasis.

At the Kennedy Institute, I will focus on neutrophil heterogeneity at a transcriptional level, especially in mouse models of arthritis but also in homeostasis. Previous work in the Udalova group has demonstrated that neutrophil infiltration is a major contributor to joint inflammation in mouse arthritis models. We aim to unravel the transcriptional circuitry that controls neutrophil subtypes in the inflamed joint, thereby identifying novel ways to target those neutrophil subtypes detrimental in disease.

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