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Fine-tuning stemness.

Journal article

Borsa M. and Simon AK., (2020), Science, 369, 373 - 374

Beth Levine 1960-2020

Journal article

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Fine-tuning stemness

Journal article

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Regulating T-cell differentiation through the polyamine spermidine.

Journal article

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Human Liver Memory CD8+ T Cells Use Autophagy for Tissue Residence.

Journal article

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Polyamines reverse immune senescence via the translational control of autophagy.

Journal article

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Autophagy in the Hematopoietic System

Conference paper

Simon AK. et al, (2019), BLOOD, 134

Polyamines Control eIF5A Hypusination, TFEB Translation, and Autophagy to Reverse B Cell Senescence.

Journal article

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Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies (second edition).

Journal article

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Autophagy in the renewal, differentiation and homeostasis of immune cells.

Journal article

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Local exchange of metabolites shapes immunity.

Journal article

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Mitochondrial dysfunction and increased glycolysis in prodromal and early Parkinson's blood cells.

Journal article

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B1a B cells require autophagy for metabolic homeostasis and self-renewal.

Journal article

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Autophagy dictates metabolism and differentiation of inflammatory immune cells.

Journal article

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