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Despite an increasing knowledge about the causes of cancer, this disease is difficult to cure and still causes far too high a death rate. Based on advances in our understanding of disease pathogenesis, novel treatment concepts, including targeting the tumor microenvironment, have been developed and are being combined with established treatment regimens such as surgical removal and radiotherapy. Yet it is obvious that we need additional strategies to prevent tumor relapse and metastasis. Given its exceptional high expression in most cancers with low abundance in normal tissues, tenascin-C appears an ideal candidate for tumor treatment. Here, we will summarize the current applications of targeting tenascin-C as a treatment for different tumors, and highlight the potential of this therapeutic approach.

Original publication




Journal article


Cell Adh Migr

Publication Date





141 - 153


cancer, extracellular matrix, tenascin-C, tumor microenvironment, Animals, Extracellular Matrix, Humans, Immunotherapy, Neoplasms, RNA Interference, Tenascin, Tumor Microenvironment