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Background: The leukaemia-derived Jurkat E6.1 cell line has been used as a model T cell in the study of many aspects of T cell biology, most notably activation in response to T cell receptor (TCR) engagement. Methods: We present whole-transcriptome RNA-Sequencing data for Jurkat E6.1 cells in the resting state and two hours post-activation via TCR and CD28. We compare early transcriptional responses in the presence and absence of the chemokines CXCL12 and CCL19, and perform a basic comparison between observed transcriptional responses in Jurkat E6.1 cells and those in primary human T cells using publicly deposited data. Results: Jurkat E6.1 cells have many of the hallmarks of standard T cell transcriptional responses to activation, but lack most of the depth of responses in primary cells. Conclusions: These data indicate that Jurkat E6.1 cells hence represent only a highly simplified model of early T cell transcriptional responses.

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Wellcome Open Research


F1000 Research Ltd

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42 - 42