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Multi-photon microscopy

ZEISS LSM 880 NLO confocal Multiphoton microscope 

ZEISS LSM 880 NLO confocal Multiphoton microscope



  • ZEISS LSM 880 NLO confocal Multiphoton system on Axio Examiner Z1 upright fixed stage microscope
  • Heated chamber for organ explant imaging and temperature control
  • 2 Mai-Tai laser for simultaneous 2-photon excitation at 2 different wavelengths
  • Scan speed up to 19 × 2 speed levels, up to 13 images/sec.  For 512 × 512 pixels (max. 430 images/sec), up to 6875 lines per second
  • xy, xz, xyz, xyzt, lambda, line scan and spot scan modes


  • W Plan-APO 20X1.0 DIC VIS-IR D=0.17
  • W Plan-APO 20X1.0 DIC VIS-IR D=0


  • Lamps for bright field, DIC and epifluorescent imaging
  • Mai-Tai tuneable laser 690-1040 nm, pulse width <70 fs
  • Mai-Tai tuneable BB laser 710–990 nm, pulse width <80 fs
  • Argon laser (458, 488, 514), 543 and 633 lasers


  • 2 x Nosepiece GaAsP : BP395-455 + BP465-485 OR BP500-550 + SP485
  • 2 x GaAsP (BiG): BP529.5-554.5 + LP555 OR BP500-550 + BP590-625
  • 2 x PMT NDD detectors: BP595-676 + BP490-530 OR BP645-690 + SP485
  • 34 descanned spectral channels


  • Zeiss Zen software
  • Mosaic and stitching imaging
  • Time-lapse experiments



  • The imaging system is supplemented with dissection equipment, laminar flow hood, and anaesthesia equipment 


We request that publications that include data or analysis performed with this microscope include the following acknowledgement- “ We acknowledge the generous support of the Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research and a Wellcome Trust Multi-User Equipment Grant 202911/Z/16/Z for the microscope purchase and facilities used in this research”.

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