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Services & Bookings

Kennedy Institute users must supply a grant code before they will be allowed access to the facility.  Non-Kennedy Institute users must complete a finance form that can be obtained from the Facility Manager.

Users are required to adhere to the guidance and safety rules set out in the facility local rules.

If you use the facility for cell sorting, you are required to complete a biosafety form (downloadable from the Kennedy Institute's wiki), which assesses samples for pathogenic and GM potential. The completed and signed biosafety form should be submitted to the Facility Manager prior to proceeding with the sort. She will review your form to confirm if your answers to the safety questions are correct. Please talk to us if you have questions or concern.  

LSR II, FortessaX20 and Canto II

Flow analysers are available for booking by trained users to run their own samples after receiving appropriate induction and training by the facility staff.  The facility also provides a flow analysis service to those wishing their samples to be run for them, in which case they need to  liaise with the facility staff.

The training course, which usually takes 2-3 hours, will take you through the basic cytometry including colour compensation and facility induction.  At anytime after completing the basic training course the user can seek guidance and assistance from the facility staff, just coordinate and let us know how we can help you. You can obtain a copy of the training manual from the KIR wiki.

After your training is complete you will be provided with a user's account on your chosen instrument. 

Booking is via Bookit, our online calendar. Please contact Raf Hamedy to create a Bookit account. Then email the Facility Manager, who will add you to the list of FACS users.

Please see the Kennedy Institute's wiki for booking rules. 

FACSAaria III cell sorter

The Aria III cell sorter is run by a dedicated operator who will sort for users able to perform sorts during normal working hours (9 am – 5 pm).   

If you would like to book a sort, you must complete the Sort Application form – a copy of which can be requested from facility staff or obtained from the wiki.  Please email your completed copy back to us. Once the form has been received, and if the information provided is sufficient, you will receive a confirmation email to say that your sort can be processed at the requested time.

We require a 24 hour notice period for cancellation.  If you fail to cancel before this time, you are still charged for the 50% of the time you booked the instrument for.

We provide FACSAria III training to those who wish to do self-sorting.  Substantial experience in running a FACS analyser and familiarity with FACSDiav program are essential requirements of training. The training programme is only provided to KIR and ORC users and intended for individuals with demonstrated high frequency of sorts or needs for after hours sorting.  Please contact Parisa Amjadi to discuss your training programme and obtain a copy of the FACSAriaIII self-sorting training manual. 

Please see the wiki for booking rules.

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