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The Old Road Campus flow cytometry users group provides access to wide range of systems for cell sorting and flow cytometry. Please approach contacts listed below for more information about equipment, booking and costs. 

FACS analysis 

Beckman Coulter - CyAn ADP 3 laser (V/B/R) 11 NDM-Research Building 
BD LSR Fortessa X20 4 laser (V/B/YG/R)  18 NDM-Research Building
BD LSRII  3 laser (B/R/V) 17 Jenner/ORCRB hhtp://
Beckman Coulter CyAn ADP LX 3 laser (B/R/V) 11 Jenner/ORCRC hhtp://
BD FACSCanto 2 laser (B/R) 6 Ludwig/ORCRB
BD FACSCanto II 2 laser (B/R)  8 Cornall lab/CCMP
BD LRSII 3 laser (V/B/R) 16 Kennedy Institute
BD FACSCanto II with HTS 3 laser (V/B/R) 10 (+ plate reader) Kennedy Institute
BD LSR Fortessa with HTS 4 laser (V/B/YG/R)  16 (+ plate reader) Kennedy Institute
BD FACSCalibur 2 laser (B/R) 10 Department of Oncology
FACSCalibur 2 laser (R/B) 4 CCVTM
Beckman Coulter CyAn 3 laser  9 William Dunn School of Pathology
Cytek DXP8 analyser 3 laser 8 William Dunn School of Pathology
BD FACSCalibre 2 laser 4 William Dunn School of Pathology
BD LSRII 3 laser (V/B/R) 16 Peter Medawar Building
Miltenyi MACSQuant 3 laser (V/B/R) 10 Peter Medawar Building
BD FACScan 1 laser (B) 3 Dept of Oncology
BD FACSCalibur 2 laser (B/R) 5 (+ plate reader) Dept of Oncology
Attune NxT 4 laser (R/B/V/YG) 14 Dept of Oncology
CyTOF Up to 35 different metal-tagged antibodies, with the option to self label Botnar (maintained by Kennedy)

 FACS sorting

Beckman Coulter MoFlo Legacy 2 laser (B/R) 8 WIMM-CL3
Beckman Coulter MoFlo Legacy Sorter 2 laser (B/R) 9 Jenner/ORCRB
Aria III Sorter 4 laser (V/B/YG/R) 15 Kennedy Institute
Aria III Sorter  3 laser (V/B/R) 11 Oncology (Based at Kennedy)
Aria III Sorter 3 laser (V/B/R) 14 CCVTM
BD FACSort Single laser (B) 5 Dept of Oncology
Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP Sorter 4 laser (V/B/YG/R) 14 Peter Medawar Building



other Facilities 

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