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Planning and safety


The Sort Application form (accessible from the wiki to internals only), which helps to plan your sort, should be completed for each sorting experiment and submitted to Jonathan Webber before commencing your sort.  This form should be resubmitted if your experiment has been modified (antibody panel, cell type, frequency of the population of interest etc.).

You are advised to consult us before purchasing your antibodies or check the AriaIII configuration set out below.

We maintain the instrument in a sterile and endotoxin free condition and perform a long clean (thorough cleaning of fluidics lines) on a regular basis and take samples from the instrument for culture and LPS testing. If you require a long clean to be performed just prior to your sort, please discuss this with Jonathan Webber so he can allow extra preparation time.


The FACS ARIAIII is not equipped with a class II bio-safety cabinet, and the facility is not able to sort any sample above biosafety level 2. Virus transfected cells must be washed between 3-5 times to remove any residual lentivirus.

You are required to complete a biosafety form (accessible from the wiki  to internals only), which assesses samples for pathogenic and GM potential. The completed biosafety form should be submitted to the Facility Manager prior to commencing sort. She can discuss the safety implications if you have questions or concern. A new copy of this form must be resubmitted if there are any changes to your project.

If samples to be sorted are fixed, the fixative must be removed prior to submission to the sorting facility.

All samples must be brought to the laboratory in secondary containment with a securely fitted lid.

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